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South Lanarkshire | Hamilton | Mausoleum | ★★★

[Hamilton Mausoleum]

This is what the UK's most amazing private mausoleum looks like. The Hamilton family tomb was built between 1842 and 1858 and is is the former resting place of one duchess and five of the dukes of Hamilton, who were moved elsewhere in the 1920s over subsidence fears (which also led to the demolition of nearby Hamilton Palace). Guarded by two stone lions - one awake, one asleep to ensure one is always watching - the 123-foot building boasts one of the longest echoes in the world (15 seconds) and fascinating masonic and biblical symbolism in the floors, doors and architecture. Entrance is by tour on two afternoons each month, taking in both the dome structure and the dark crypts below - there's even a 200 metre-long underground tunnel for smoke from the underfloor heating system to escape without detracting from the mausoleum's appearance. Overall it's a fitting testament to one of Scotland's most extravagant families - and if the tomb is as magnificent as this, imagine what Hamilton Palace itself must have looked like...

[Looking up!]

Location & info

📌 Hamilton Mausoleum ★★★
Mausoleum Drive, 15-min walk north of Hamilton town centre, G.R.: NS 727563 ///aura.mild.breath
Open by tour only, first & third Sunday afternoons of each month, February to November | £3.50+ adults / £2+ child depending on tour type

💬 Tours start from (and should be booked in advance through) the Low Parks Museum, which is a 10-min level walk from the mausoleum.

[Inside the mausoleum]


[Floor decorations]

[Alexander Hamilton memorial]

[Original door]


[Two lions guard the mausoleum - one awake, one asleep]

[Life, Death & Immortality above the crypt - the entrance is through Death]


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