Strathclyde Country Park

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[Strathclyde Country Park]

Swans, ducks and geese patrol the fringes of Strathclyde Loch: the large water body at the centre of Strathclyde Country Park. The park is an important leisure space for the nearby populations of Hamilton and Motherwell, and holds regular sporting events in and out of the water. A leisurely stroll around the loch takes a couple of hours, with the remains of a Roman bath house, boat hire and a cafe all on the route. Oh - and Scotland's main theme park on the north side!

[River Clyde on the west side of the park]

Location & info

📌 Strathclyde Country Park ★★
Off minor road 1 mi west of Motherwell town centre, G.R.: NS 727575 ///town.unity.curl
Always open | Free

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[Strathclyde Loch]

[Roman bath house]

[Strathclyde Loch]


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