Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum

Scottish Borders | Jedburgh | Historic building / museum | ★★★

[Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum]

Among its manifold attractions, Jedburgh boasts a castle, former jail and museum... all under one roof. Built in 1823 on the site of a much older defensive stronghold, this castle prison became known as the most luxurious in Scotland - though reading the stories of individual prisoners in the various cell blocks, it's hard to imagine how this could be true. It closed again fewer than 50 years after the first inmates arrived, but was restored to its 19th century appearance a century later, reopening for guests to visit at their own pleasure rather than Her Majesty's. One wing now serves as a museum about the town, though the information boards are a bit text-heavy. Hey, at least you can leave whenever you want...

[Jail cells]

Location & info

📌 Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum ★★★
Castlegate, 10-min walk south of Jedburgh town centre, G.R.: NT 648202 ///worked.bags.songbird
Open daily, late March to October (2019) | Free

[Castle / jail entrance]

[Inside a cell]

[Museum displays]

[From the outside]


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