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[Jedburgh town centre]

Drive into southeast Scotland over the Carter Bar pass from England, and the first town you'll reach is Jedburgh. This peaceful Borders town hasn't always been so: periods as a thriving market settlement were interspersed by countless raids from the south. The magnificent 12th century arches of Jedburgh Abbey dominate the town on this side - if you're rushed for time, go here first - but there are a couple of other historic sites dotted around. The Mary Queen of Scots' Visitor Centre is an old tower house and an excellent information source about the life of the queen, while Jedburgh Jail houses museum displays as well as restored cell blocks from two centuries ago.

[Jedburgh Abbey]

Location & info

📌 Jedburgh ★★
Scottish Borders, G.R.: NT 650206 ///

🚶 The abbey and museums are easily walkable from the small town centre.
🚌 There are a couple of bus routes, including from Lauder, Galashiels and Melrose.
🚗 Some car parks have a charge, with plenty of free options elsewhere if you're happy to walk a bit.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Jedburgh Abbey ★★★★
>> Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum ★★★
>> Mary Queen of Scots' Visitor Centre ★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> The Capon Tree (1 mi ↓)

[High Street]

[Mary Queen of Scots' Visitor Centre]

[Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum]

[Steeple above Bridewell Jail]

[Mercat Cross]

[Prince Charlie's House]

[War memorial]


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