North Inch (Perth)

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[River Tay at the North Inch]

Covering an area of 54 hectares, North Inch is Perth's most expansive green space. Nowadays it's a peaceful park of playing fields, riverside paths and a golf course, but rewind to 1396 and a major inter-clan battle was fought here. On the west side of the inch (which translates as meadow) is Balhousie Castle, home to the excellent Black Watch Museum, while the east part borders the River Tay - which occasionally encroaches onto the park itself during flood events. (P.S. there's also a South Inch, which is smaller and less interesting.)

[North Inch]

Location & info

📌 North Inch (Perth) ★★
North side of Charlotte Street, 5-min walk north of Perth city centre, G.R.: NO 118243 ///
Always open | Free

[North Inch]

[Black Watch Museum & Castle]


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