Perth & Kinross | City | ★★★

[St John Street is one of the most attractive parts of the city]

Ah, the Fair City of Perth! Situated at a key crossroads of transport corridors near the Lowland / Highland boundary, this historic riverside settlement officially became Scotland's 7th city in 2012, and you really should spend some time here if you're in the country for an extended trip. The "perfect centre" (as another of Perth's mottoes claims) forms a compact grid, formerly hugged by defensive walls and fortified gates. Inside this zone you'll find a handful of excellent museums and galleries, welcoming churches and decent High Street shopping - admittedly interspersed with a few less interesting parts. Look beyond the centre and nature soon takes over: the salmon-rich but flood-prone River Tay forms a blue border on the east side, while the meadows of the North and South Inches stretch away to the, err, north and south. The finest local beauty spot has to be Kinnoull Hill: a smallish summit with an excitingly big view within walking distance of the city centre.

[River Tay at Perth]

📌 Perth ★★★
Perth & Kinross. Junction of High Street & Kinnoull Street is at G.R.: NO 117236 ///stands.towns.luck

[High Street]

Within walking distance

>> Black Watch Museum & Castle ★★★
>> North Inch (Perth) ★★
>> Rodney Gardens ★★
>> St John's Kirk (Perth) ★★
>> Walk: Blue Kinnoull views - drama above the Fair City ★★★★

Fergusson Gallery (not yet featured)
Perth Museum and Art Gallery (not yet featured)
St Ninian's Cathedral (not yet featured)



>> Branklyn Gardens ★★★ (1 mile away)
>> Huntingtower Castle ★★★ (2 miles away)
>> Scone Palace ★★★ (2 miles away)
>> Walk: Scone 200 ★★★ (2 miles away)
>> Elcho Castle ★★★ (4 miles away)
>> Walk: From motorway to Moncreiffe Hill ★★★ (4 miles away)

[St John's Kirk]

[View from Kinnoull Hill on the edge of the city]

[Rodney Gardens]

[Black Watch Museum and Castle]

[View from Queen's Bridge]

[Mercat cross]

[St John Street]

[Perth Concert Hall]

[Old Bridge]

[Grand buildings on Tay Street]

[Town Hall]

[River Tay at North Inch]


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