St Mary's Church (Dalkeith)

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[St Mary's Church, Dalkeith]

Located just inside the gates of Dalkeith Country Park, St Mary's (Episcopal) Church in Dalkeith is a grand building well worth looking inside. The building was consecrated in 1845 and contains a number of interesting architectural features: elegant vaulted ceilings and wooden beams, beautiful stained glass windows, and a very rare water-powered organ (another can be found on the west coast at Kilmun). The website suggests the church is only open (outside services) on a few afternoons each week, but we got lucky on our morning visit.

[St Mary's Church]

📌 St Mary's Church (Dalkeith) ★★
Location: Just inside Dalkeith Country Park, 10-min walk northeast from Dalkeith town centre, G.R.: NT 335677 ///denim.fetch.carrots
Open (2019): Most Friday to Sunday afternoons in summer
Cost: Free

[Inside the church]

[Inside the church]



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