The Capon Tree

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[The Capon Tree]

What do The Capon Tree, The Birnam Oak and the Fortinghall Yew all have in common? They're all ancient survivors from a different era. The Capon Tree is almost all which remains of the old Jedforest: a vast region of woodland cut down for fuel and grazing land several centuries ago. Estimates over this oak tree's longevity range from 500 to over 2,000 years old, with a colossal girth of 17 feet. The trunk has split down the middle and wooden props support several tottering limbs, but otherwise the elderly specimen still seems to be thriving - and long may it last. Have a look if you're visiting nearby Jedburgh.

[The Capon Tree]

Location & info

📌 The Capon Tree
By A68 1 mi south of Jedburgh, G.R.: NT 651189 ///enjoys.painters.rice
Always open | Free

💬 Limited space for parking 100 m away at track entrance, G.R.: NT 651189 ///soak.paces.shops (don't block access) then follow the pavement south across the bridge - the tree is signposted on the right just around the next bend.

[The Capon Tree]

[The Capon Tree]


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