Walk: A piece o' Dalkeith

Midlothian | Dalkeith | Short walk | ★★

[Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park]

Once forming the grounds around the seat of the Duke of Buccleuch, Dalkeith Country Park boasts a fancy shopping area, cafe and huge adventure playground. The best way to take in the rest of the park, including the magnificent exterior of Dalkeith House itself, is probably the Old Wood Walk described here and also on the park website. This follows the banks of two meandering burns which join in the northern part of the park at the Meeting of the Waters; towards the end of the circuit you can mosey through the visitor complex at Restoration Yard.

[Woodland path]

📌 Walk: A piece o' Dalkeith ★★
▶ 5 km / 3 miles | ▲ 80 metres
Features: Dalkeith Country Park; St Mary's Church; Dalkeith House; River North Esk; River South Esk; Restoration Yard
Start / finish: Street parking at the park's Town Gate, northeast end of High Street, Dalkeith, G.R.: NT 334677 ///pioneered.with.lock

Route: Start - St Mary's Church - Dalkeith House - Montagu Bridge - Meeting of the Waters by east bank of River North Esk - Restoration Yard by west bank of River South Esk - Dark Walk - start. Map here (route marked in purple - Old Wood Walk).
Terrain: Paths and tracks, some muddy with tree roots and narrow sections.
Wildlife today: Cows in fields, woodpigeons and other birds in the woods.
Weather today: Sunny, about 12°C.

>> St Mary's Church (Dalkeith) ★★

[River North Esk & Dalkeith House]

Route map

Route credit: Dalkeith Country Park (modified)

More photos

[St Mary's Church]

[Dalkeith House]

[Montagu Bridge]

[Following the River North Esk]

[Old woodland near the North Esk]

[Bridge across the North Esk]

[Woodland paths]

[River South Esk]


[Path near the Dark Walk]


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