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[High Street, Dalbeattie]

This is an area famed for its stone. Dalbeattie granite lines the streets and buildings of cities across the world, and more locally forms the features of the nearby mountain bike trails, rocky hills and the unique tower house at Palnackie. The town is no Aberdeen though - just a short, busy High Street with the necessary basics either side of the Kirkgunzeon Lane burn. There's a lovely, old-fashioned museum in the centre, while Luigi's is our pick of the places to eat: a surprisingly excellent Italian restaurant.

[Kirkgunzeon Lane burn]

📌 Dalbeattie
Dumfries & Galloway, G.R.: NX 833613 ///ropes.blacken.banks

[Town centre]

Within walking distance

>> Dalbeattie Museum ★★



>> Bike: 7stanes Dalbeattie ★★ (1 mile away)
>> Orchardton Tower  (4 miles away)
>> Walk: Screel Hill - rocky ridge, wide views ★★★ (5 miles away)

[The Heart Stane, 7stanes Dalbeattie]

[Colliston Park]

[High Street]

[Church on Mill Street]

[Town centre at sunset (29/10/15)]


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