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[Dunkeld Cathedral]

Dunkeld village seems too small to have a cathedral, but this strategic location on the River Tay has been a religious site for centuries. St Columba's relics were brought to a church here from Iona in 849 AD, well before construction of the present cathedral's choir began in the 13th century. The nave followed in 1406, with the tower added later in the same century. If you've already scrolled through the rest of the photos on this page, you'll have noticed a lot of temporary scaffolding. This currently masks the fact that the nave is actually ruinous, though still with beautiful arches reminiscent of abbeys in the Borders. Blame the Reformation and Jacobite uprising: only the choir is currently used as a place of worship, and that's only thanks to extensive repairs in the intervening centuries. There are also two small museums in the tower and chapter house, housing carved stonework and information panels about the town and cathedral.

[Dunkeld Cathedral]

Location & info

📌 Dunkeld Cathedral ★★★
10 Cathedral Street, 5-min walk west of Dunkeld village centre, G.R.: NO 024426 ///wanting.chapels.tasteful
Open daily | Free

[Dunkeld Cathedral]

[Ruined nave under scaffolding at time of visit]


[Museum displays in the tower]

[Vaulted roof at the base of the tower]

[Impressive architecture]

[Chapter House museum displays]


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