Loch of the Lowes

Perth & Kinross | Dunkeld | Nature reserve | ★★★

[Loch of the Lowes]

Wildlife is the main attraction of this peaceful loch round the corner from Dunkeld. A visitor centre and hides owned by the Scottish Wildlife Trust are geared towards watching a pair of ospreys which breed here between April and August: a precarious nest high in a tree is visible through binoculars. We've also spotted red squirrels in the surrounding countryside, and beavers have recently been reintroduced to the area. Chances of actually seeing the latter are vanishingly small, but if you're lucky you might see signs of their activity (such as dams or chewed trunks) on the surrounding river systems.

[Osprey chick viewed through binoculars (23/5/15)]

📌 Loch of the Lowes 
Off the A923 a mile northeast of Dunkeld, G.R.: NO 042435 ///solved.nest.knees
Visitor centre open daily, March to October; Friday to Sunday, November to February | Visitor centre: £4 adult / 50p child

[Osprey nest (23/5/15]

[Loch of the Lowes]


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