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[Lochore Castle]

Lochore Castle (a.k.a. Inchgall Castle) now lies on a mound a few hundred metres from the shore of Loch Ore, next to this country park's access road. When the castle was built in the 13th or 14th century, this mound was in fact an island on an enlarged loch (prior to its partial draining), with a causeway leading to the mainland. The castle itself was constructed for Adam de Vallance, replacing an older bailey castle on the same motte. Nowadays the surviving parts include a little bit of the barmkin wall, in front of 4 corners of the main building with not much in between.

[Lochore Castle]

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📌 Lochore Castle
By the access road to Loch Ore, half a mile south of Lochore village centre, G.R.: NT 175959 ///sunshine.grandest.frame
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