Rumbling Bridge (Strathbraan)

Perth & Kinross | Dunkeld | Waterfall | ★★★

[Rapids at Rumbling Bridge]

Rumbling Bridge, Strathbraan (not to be confused with Rumbling Bridge Gorge on the River Devon) boasts a series of fine rapids underneath and upstream from an old stone bridge across the River Braan. Despite the site's proximity to the busier Hermitage & Black Linn Falls - you can walk between the two in about half an hour - its slightly more out-of-the-way location means it receives far fewer visitors. There's no fancy folly viewpoint here, but the several small falls and ornate rock shapes carved by the river makes this a fascinating site, and a good picnic spot in good weather. Our photos were taken in tricky light conditions and don't capture what a magical place this is.

[Rumbling Bridge]

📌 Rumbling Bridge (Strathbraan) ★★★
Location: By minor road bridge over River Braan, 2 miles west of Dunkeld, G.R.: NN 996412 ///tilts.built.damage
Anything else? From the car park at G.R.: NN 997411 ///fired.casually.hurricane it's a 5-min walk down the quiet road to the falls, with rough and informal paths to reach the riverbank.

[Rapids upstream from the bridge]

[Waterfalls seen from the road bridge]


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