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[Scottish National Gallery]

Two enormous neoclassical buildings right in the middle of Edinburgh are the fitting location for the Scottish National Gallery: the most impressive part of the country's art collection, covering fine art from Scotland and elsewhere from the Renaissance until the start of the 20th century. Whatever your interest in paintings, the extensive free galleries (in the building set further back from Princes Street) deserve at least a quick wander through (and possibly much longer). Scenes you're likely to recognise include the famous Monarch of the Glen, Scottish landscapes and even some paintings of the city itself, though these make up only a small part of the collection. Photography without flash is permitted, so if you want you can take pictures of, well, pictures - and in at least one case, pictures of pictures of pictures. Exhibitions in the adjacent building change more frequently and tend to have an entry charge, while portraits can be found in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and contemporary art can be found at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Someone should really come up with some acronyms...

[Scottish National Gallery]

Location & info

📌 Scottish National Gallery ★★★★
The Mound, 5-min walk west of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 254737 ///beard.dice.tables
🚆 Edinburgh Waverley | 🚋 Princes Street | 🚌 Numerous local buses | 🚗 Car parks / street parking nearby (both charge)
Open daily | Free, but there may be a charge for specific exhibitions

[Landseer's "Monarch of the Glen"]

[Scottish National Gallery]

[A painting of Edinburgh from almost the same spot where the gallery now stands]

[A picture of a picture of pictures]


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