The Borders Distillery

Scottish Borders | Hawick | Distillery | ★★★

[Washbacks and old crane, Borders Distillery]

The Scottish Borders is a large and varied area, but there's one thing it's lacked for decades - until recently. The Borders Distillery opened its doors in 2018, making it the first (legal) whisky distillery to operate in the region since 1837. And the job's a good 'un: the site's been beautifully converted from Victorian industrial buildings by the River Teviot in Hawick, retaining several original features including a (still operational) crane on rails above the washbacks. A lack of similar industry in the area brings challenges: no whisky knowledge among the local workforce, for example. Production is being slowly increased as staff are trained, and we're keen to try the finished product once it officially becomes whisky in a few years' time. For now, tours include a tasting of William Kerr's Borders Gin - a worthwhile side project while the big brother barrels mature.

[Borders Distillery]

Location & info

📌 The Borders Distillery ★★★
Commercial Road, 5-min walk northwest of Hawick town centre, G.R.: NT 502148 ///lookout.carefully.wonderfully
Open Monday to Saturday | £12

[Still House]

[Inside the mash tun]

[Old crane equipment in the main hall]

[Gin still]


[The Borders Distillery]


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