Walk: Pine Cone Point - fiery forests & rushing rivers

Perth & Kinross | Dunkeld | Half day walk | ★★★

[View of the River Tay from Pine Cone Point]

High above a forested swathe of Strath Tay, a lonely wooden shelter makes an excellent vantage point from which to admire this part of Central Scotland (or to hide under if it's raining). Pine Cone Point is a few miles' walk from the nearest car park, but can be visited as part of an enjoyable half day ramble following two Highland rivers and visiting the breathtakingly beautiful Ossian's Hall at Black Linn Falls. Red squirrels are another highlight: we spotted several bushy tails on the walk, and a few more nearby on the same day. The scenery shows its best colours in autumn - aim for mid-October in a normal year to catch the leaves on the trees turning.

[Black Linn Falls]

📌 Walk: Pine Cone Point - fiery forests & rushing rivers ★★★
▶ 11 km / 7 miles | ▲ 200 metres
Features: River Braan, The Hermitage, Ossian's Hall & Black Linn Falls; Pine Cone Point; River Tay
Start / finish: Car park (with charge) for The Hermitage, off A9 a mile west of Dunkeld / Birnam, G.R.: NO 013422 ///tiling.good.atlas

Route: Car park - River Braan - The Hermitage, Ossian's Hall & Black Linn Falls - track junction at G.R.: NO 005421 - Pine Cone Point - return to track junction - car park at G.R.: NO 002437 - confluence of River Tay & River Braan by path along River Tay - Inver - start via path along River Braan
Terrain: Mostly good paths and tracks, but short sections are steep and rough.
Wildlife today: Several red squirrels, pheasants, mallards and goosanders; horses in field by the Tay. A few ripe blackberries.
Weather today: 6ºC to start, sunny with light winds.

>> The Hermitage & Black Linn Falls ★★★★

[River Tay on the final stretch]

Route map

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)

More photos

[Approach to The Hermitage]

[Ossian's Hall]

[View from Ossian's Hall]

[River Braan]

[Man-made cave by the River Braan]

[Track to Pine Cone Point]

[Good views across Strath Tay from the higher parts of the circuit]

[Pine Cone Point]

[Stone folly and (restricted!) viewpoint]

[Passing under the railway]

[River Tay]

[River Tay]

[Fields on the riverside path near Inver]

[River Tay]

[Tree planting by the A9 towards the end of the walk]


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