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Walk: To three Forth Bridges

City of Edinburgh / Fife | Dalmeny | Short walk | ★★ [Crossing the old Forth Road Bridge... the slow way] This unusual little excursion is a neat way to get up close and personal with the three Forth Bridges spanning the firth between South and North Queensferry. A pedestrian walkway across the old, 20th century road bridge (reserved for walkers, cyclists, public transport and taxis) gives great views along the channel to the 19th century Forth Rail Bridge, while crossing to the other carriageway (via steps under the road) at the northern end leads to a vantage point for the 21st century Queensferry Crossing. After all that, it only seems right that you return to the start by catching a train... across the famous bridge of course. Unlike most of the walks we feature on SOBT, this jaunt across the Firth of Forth is almost entirely on roadsides and pavements. But the views more than compensate, with plenty of options for refreshments on both sides of the firth. [South Queensf

North Queensferry

Fife | Village |  ★★ [North Queensferry from the old Forth Road Bridge]  Under the gargantuan trestles of the Forth Rail Bridge lie the mysterious wynds of North Queensferry. This fishing port used to be the important northern terminus for car ferries across the Firth of Forth, but these ceased with the building of a more efficient road bridge in the 1960s. Make a detour into the heart of the village, however, and you'll find an unusual place with narrow streets, cute cottages, rocky spurs and a forgotten feel. The railway bridge muscles into almost every view as you might expect, rumbling with frequent trains linking Fife and Edinburgh . More surprisingly, you'll find Scotland's largest aquarium on the headland immediately to the east. There are a good number of places to eat covering all price points; we had an excellent lunch at Rankin's Cafe & Deli on the Main Street. [The Forth Rail Bridge dominates parts of the village centre] Location & in

Queensferry Crossing

City of Edinburgh / Fife | Queensferry | Road bridge | ★★★ [Queensferry Crossing, seen from the north end of the old Forth Road Bridge] Over a million vehicles speed past North Queensferry each month on the new Queensferry Crossing, named after the villages on either side of the Firth of Forth below. This 2.7 km cable-stayed bridge is Scotland's most impressive, open to M90 traffic since August 2017 as a replacement for the creaking Forth Road Bridge which runs alongside, now relegated to a public transport corridor. Together with the Forth Rail Bridge a little further east, this is the only place in the world where three bridges of this size exist in parallel and date from three different centuries. The total project cost over £1.3 billion - not to mention the environmental cost - but you have to admit it looks pretty good. You'll pass over the bridge heading north towards Fife and the Highlands from Edinburgh ; alternatively, admire it from afar from the north end o

Forth Rail Bridge

City of Edinburgh / Fife | Queensferry | Rail bridge | ★★★ [Forth Rail Bridge from South Queensferry] Few bridges can truly be called iconic, but surely the Forth Rail Bridge fits into this category. This famous red bridge is well over 100 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, carrying trains 2.5 km across the Forth. The steel cantilever design is said to be massively over-engineered, devised in the late 1800s by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker in the aftermath of the tragic Tay Bridge disaster. Two tracks carry hundreds of trains - and thousands of commuters - across the Firth of Forth each day: this is the only rail route into Edinburgh from the north. For those with a bit more time, the best views can be enjoyed from the esplanades in South Queensferry and North Queensferry , or consider a boat trip . [View from the old Forth Road Bridge] Location & info 📌 Forth Rail Bridge ★★★★ Spanning the Forth estuary between North and South Queensferry, G.

South Queensferry

City of Edinburgh | Town | ★★★ [Tolbooth, South Queensferry] South Queensferry (or to locals, just The Ferry ) grew up at the southern end of the old ferry link across the Firth of Forth about 10 miles west of Edinburgh . The "Queen" part of the town's name came from Queen Margaret, who paid the ferry fares of pilgrims crossing here in the 11th century. Over the centuries, the trickle of passengers became a torrent linking the capital, Fife and all points north, with the famous Forth Rail Bridge opening in 1890. In the 1960s The Forth Road Bridge (and more recent Queensferry Crossing ) consigned the ferries to history, quickly converting the town itself from a bustling hub to a quiet backwater. The High Street is particularly attractive, with tiered walkways, colourful cottages and a small museum; also take time to visit the two main piers, one with a cute harbour and the other the departure point for boat trips to Inchcolm . [Harbour] Location & info

Queensferry Museum

City of Edinburgh | South Queensferry | Museum | ★ [Queensferry Museum] Queenferry Museum showcases the history of South Queensferry, located on the High Street in the centre of this old town. With windows overlooking the Forth Rail Bridge , it should be a fine place to ponder past and present transport links across the firth, local people, events such as the Ferry Fair and Burryman's Parade, and temporary exhibitions (the 100th anniversary of WWI when we visited), but unfortunately the displays are pretty dated. Local rivalries are very much in evidence: we were amused by a panel about ferry companies overcharging passengers; this made very sure to point out that the boatmen all hailed from North Queensferry on the other side of the channel! [The Burry Man] Location & info 📌 Queensferry Museum ★ 53 High Street, South Queensferry town centre, G.R.: NT 132783 ///bill.organs.yesterday Open daily | Free [Queensferry Museum] [View of the Forth Rai