Queensferry Crossing

City of Edinburgh / Fife | Queensferry | Road bridge | ★★★

[Queensferry Crossing, seen from the north end of the old Forth Road Bridge]

Over a million vehicles speed past North Queensferry each month on the new Queensferry Crossing, named after the villages on either side of the Firth of Forth below. This 2.7 km cable-stayed bridge is Scotland's most impressive, open to M90 traffic since August 2017 as a replacement for the creaking Forth Road Bridge which runs alongside, now relegated to a public transport corridor. Together with the Forth Rail Bridge a little further east, this is the only place in the world where three bridges of this size exist in parallel and date from three different centuries. The total project cost over £1.3 billion - not to mention the environmental cost - but you have to admit it looks pretty good. You'll pass over the bridge heading north towards Fife and the Highlands from Edinburgh; alternatively, admire it from afar from the north end of the Forth Road Bridge pedestrian walkway (as seen above), or from the west side of South Queensferry.

[Heading north across the bridge (29/10/18)]

Location & info

📌 Queensferry Crossing (M90) ★★★
Spanning the Forth estuary between North and South Queensferry, G.R.: NT 120799 ///winter.blacken.kilts
🚆🚌 No buses services cross the bridge - the old Forth Road Bridge is used instead. Take a train / bus to North Queensferry or bus to South Queenferry; the bridge can be viewed from the west side of both settlements.
Always open to vehicle traffic - no pedestrian access | Free

[Approaching the bridge from the north (8/9/18)]


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