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[South Queensferry]

South Queensferry (or to locals, just The Ferry) grew up at the southern end of the old ferry link across the Firth of Forth about 10 miles west of Edinburgh. The "Queen" part of the town's name came from Queen Margaret, who paid the ferry fares of pilgrims crossing here in the 11th century. Over the centuries, the trickle of passengers became a torrent linking the capital, Fife and all points north, with the famous Forth Rail Bridge opening in 1890. In the 1960s The Forth Road Bridge (and more recent Queensferry Crossing) consigned the ferries to history, quickly converting the town itself from a bustling hub to a quiet backwater. The High Street is particularly attractive, with tiered walkways, colourful cottages and a small museum; also take time to visit the two main piers, one with a cute harbour and the other the departure point for boat trips to Inchcolm.


📌 South Queensferry ★★★
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Within walking distance

>> Forth Rail Bridge ★★★★
>> Maid of the Forth ★★★★
>> Queensferry Museum
>> Walk: Cramond to Queensferry - foray along the Forth ★★★
>> Walk: To three Forth Bridges ★★


>> Dalmeny page: Dalmeny House ★★★ (1 mile away); Dalmeny Kirk ★★ (3 miles away)

[Tolbooth clock tower]

[Looking west from near Hawes Pier]

[Ferry Tap]

[Ferry Tap]

[High Street]

[High Street]

[17th century Plewlands House]

[(Old) Forth Road Bridge]


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