Walk: To three Forth Bridges

City of Edinburgh / Fife | Dalmeny | Short walk | ★★

[Crossing the old Forth Road Bridge... the slow way]

This unusual little excursion is a neat way to get up close and personal with the three Forth Bridges spanning the firth between South and North Queensferry. A pedestrian walkway across the old, 20th century road bridge (reserved for walkers, cyclists, public transport and taxis) gives great views along the channel to the 19th century Forth Rail Bridge, while crossing to the other carriageway (via steps under the road) at the northern end leads to a vantage point for the 21st century Queensferry Crossing. After all that, it only seems right that you return to the start by catching a train... across the famous bridge of course. Unlike most of the walks we feature on SOBT, this jaunt across the Firth of Forth is almost entirely on roadsides and pavements. But the views more than compensate, with plenty of options for refreshments on both sides of the firth.

[South Queensferry from the southern end of the Forth Road Bridge]

📌 Walk: To three Forth Bridges ★★
Frequent trains run between the start and finish points of this walk, across the Forth Rail Bridge. Start at Dalmeny railway station, G.R.: NT 139779 ///plank.snowballs.sparrows. Finish at North Queensferry railway station, G.R.: NT 132808 ///slung.nature.niece.

▶ 6 km / 4 mi | ▲ 90 m | ⌚ Short | Easy
Features: Ferry Glen; South Queensferry ★★★ & town sights; Forth Road Bridge; Queensferry Crossing ★★★; North Queensferry ★★ & village sights; Forth Rail Bridge ★★★
Terrain: Mostly pavements and tarmac walkways alongside roads, with some ascent and descent. Path through Ferry Glen can get muddy.

Route & map

Start - Ferry Glen - South Queensferry & town sights - cross Forth Road Bridge on pedestrian walkway - North Queensferry & village sights - finish

Route credit: Scotland Off the Beaten Track
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On our visit

Wildlife: Grey squirrels in Ferry Glen; dogs being taken for a walk, seabirds. Lots of crabs on the shore at North Queensferry.
Weather: Sunny for most of the walk; cloudy after arriving in North Queensferry. 10°C.

Chronological photo guide

[Ferry Glen]

[Forth Road Bridge from South Queensferry]

[South Queensferry]

[South Queensferry from the southern end of the Forth Road Bridge]

[Crossing the old Forth Road Bridge... the slow way]

[Forth Road Bridge]

[North Queensferry]

[Forth Road Bridge with the Queensferry Crossing behind]

[Queensferry Crossing from the north end of the old Forth Road Bridge]

[North Queensferry village centre]

[The waiting room at North Queensferry station houses a display about the bridges]

[Forth Rail Bridge from North Queensferry station]


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