St Mary's Catholic Cathedral (Edinburgh)

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[St Mary's Catholic Cathedral]

Edinburgh's Catholic Cathedral, St Mary's, can be found on the east side of the New Town, within easy reach of the city's main shopping district. Cathedrals often dominate the local skyline, but at St Mary's it's the other way round: tall surrounding developments such as Edinburgh Playhouse and St James shopping centre (currently a noisy building site) make the church easy to miss. Take a few minutes out of your day to visit though, and you'll find a calming, dimly-lit interior with a magnificent painted frieze over the altar. Not to be confused with the Episcopal cathedral of the same name in the capital's West End.

[St Mary's Catholic Cathedral Edinburgh]

Location & info

📌 St Mary's Catholic Cathedral (Edinburgh) ★★
61 York Place, 5-min walk northeast of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 259743 ///feel.accent.oath
🚆🚌 Tram to York Place, local buses or train to Edinburgh Waverley.
Probably open daily | Free

[St Mary's Catholic Cathedral]


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