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National Museum of Scotland

City of Edinburgh | Old Town | Museum | ★★★★★ [Science & Technology gallery, National Museum of Scotland]  The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh is Scotland's most popular visitor attraction , and its most amazing museum by a considerable margin - despite stiff competition! With no fewer than 8 floors and two linked buildings, this is an enormous place: our January 2019 visit was our third, and we've still yet to explore entire sections. Essentially the museum does an outstanding job of distilling all the country's other museums into one (and by the way, whisky distilling can be found on level 3). At the time of writing, the central, airy Grand Gallery houses sculptures and the main entrance facilities, with 5 further themed galleries leading off (each with multiple floors): Natural World; World Cultures; Art, Design & Fashion; Discoveries; Science & Technology. This is all housed in a Victorian building formerly known as the Royal Museum, but tha