Doon Hill

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[Doon Hill - boundaries of the first and second halls]

Doon Hill is labelled on Ordnance Survey maps as an an Anglo-Saxon Hall - but don't expect that much. This is a complicated place. Latest thoughts suggest a 6,000 year-old timber hall, followed by a replacement on almost exactly the same site 4,000 years later. Why? The answer is unknown. To the north was a temple probably used for burial or cremation, with evidence for further buildings dotted around nearby; finally, a timber palisade enclosed all of the above. None of this would really be visible on the ground (except, perhaps, from above) if it weren't for a set of concrete markers placed by Historic Environment Scotland, with an interpretation board elaborating further. Is it worth visiting? Not for the physical remains, but perhaps for the air of mystery. There are also fine views of the East Lothian coastline from the access track.

[What the hall might have looked like]

📌 Doon Hill
Location: Track end, off minor road 3 miles south of Dunbar, G.R.: NT 687755 ///
Open: Always
Cost: Free
Anything else? Approach to the car park is on an unsurfaced track, unsuitable for vehicles with unusually low ground clearance.

[Outline of the cremation or burial temple]

[Looking back down the access track from the car park]


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