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Edin's Hall is one of hundreds of brochs - hollow-walled, round towers built thousands of years ago - found around Scotland. But two things set it apart from most of the others. Firstly, the location: brochs are almost exclusively found in the Highlands, yet Edin's Hall is under a dozen miles from the English border. Secondly, the size: a diameter of 22 metres makes it far larger than a typical broch. The stonework is remarkably complete to about head height, but entirely missing above that, leaving its exact original shape open to speculation. Ramparts and various outbuildings add up to an extensive site, well seen in aerial photos (follow the link, then select satellite view and zoom out). For novelty value it's well worth a trip, though beware the 3 mile return walk from the nearest parking places. Or visit it as part of our Abbey St Bathans walking route.

[Remains of surrounding structures]

Location & info

📌 Edin's Hall Broch ★★
2 mi southeast of Abbey St Bathans, and 1 mi from nearest road, G.R.: NT 772603 ///result.boss.charts
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Anything else: Both of the nearest car parks are approximately a mile and a half (30-min+ walk each way) from the broch, involving ascent of about 50 m. From the car park to the northwest in Abbey St Bathan's, G.R.: NT 763619 ///tins.slips.organist follow the minor road southeast for half a mile until the bend at G.R.: NT 767612, then a hill path southeast to the broch. Alternatively, from the layby to the northeast at G.R.: NT 789610 ///reef.sonic.bonus follow a track southwest for half a mile to Elba suspension bridge, then a hill path west to the broch.

[Inner staircase]

[Entrance to the broch]


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