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[Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum]

The Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum in Dunfermline consists of a large exhibition hall championing the life of the founder of modern philanthropy, adjoined to the weavers' cottage in which he was born in 1835. Visitors start in the cottage - where exhibits introduce Carnegie's humble upbringing, family life and education - before moving to the main museum which charts his adult life, increasing wealth, benefactions and legacy. Whether on purpose or by chance, the contrast between the interesting enough but unremarkable panels in the first section and the large scale, interactive displays in the main hall create a nice parallel with the explosion in fortunes of the man himself. If you're spending the day in Dunfermline, this is probably the best place to start; afterwards, head into town and look out for all the buildings, memorials and parks paid for by Carnegie or his estate.

[Display in the newer Exhibition Hall]

Location & info

📌 Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum ★★★
Moodie Street, 5-min walk south of Dunfermline town centre, G.R.: NT 091871 ///swing.always.into
Open daily, mid February to November (2019) | Free

[Loom in the Birthplace Cottage, where Andrew Carnegie was born]

[Birthplace Cottage]

[Exhibition Hall]


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