Dunfermline Carnegie Museum

Fife | Dunfermline | Museum | ★★★

[Handloom in Dunfermline's new town museum]

One half of this striking venue is the world's first Carnegie library, opened in 1883 in the home town of the ultra-wealthy businessman and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie. The other, of more interest to tourists, is a modern museum wing unveiled in 2017 amidst a flurry of local excitement and architectural awards. Galleries on two floors showcase Dunfermline's weaving and mining heritage, wartime history, the nearby Forth Bridges and changing art exhibitions. The museum isn't huge, but is very thoughtfully presented and makes a welcome addition to Dunfermline's optimistically-named Heritage Quarter, equipping this sizeable Fife town with a second worthwhile museum alongside the one dedicated to Carnegie himself. And don't miss the great views of Dunfermline Abbey Church from the first floor balcony.

[Atrium between the new (left) and old (right) parts of the building]

Location & info

📌 Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries ★★★
1-7 Abbot Street, Dunfermline town centre, G.R.: NT 091874 ///roses.wisdom.flying
Open daily | Free

[Art gallery]

[Car manufacturing and the Forth Bridges]

[View from St Margaret Street]


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