Ettrick Bay

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[Ettrick Bay]

It's a close-run thing, but Ettrick Bay is probably our favourite beach on Bute. It's also the busiest, but also the biggest at about a mile and a half in length - so there's more than enough sand to share. Ettrick Bay was a popular tourist spot even before widespread car ownership; surprisingly, it even had its own horse-drawn (then later electrified) tramway linking to the rest of the network at Port Bannatyne, with the old station now a useful cafe. The low-lying island of Inchmarnock is ever-present out in the bay, with mighty Arran beyond, while the hilly northern half of Bute makes a splendid backdrop on the landward side.

[Ettrick Bay]

Location & info

📌 Ettrick Bay ★★★
Off B875 (with cafe) or A844 (no facilities) 2 mi west of Port Bannatyne, Bute. Middle of beach is at G.R.: NS 038661 ///list.hill.flashback

[The former tram station is now a cafe]

[Ettrick Bay]

[St Colmac Burn]


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