HMS Unicorn

Dundee City | Waterfront | Ship | ★★★

[HMS Unicorn]

The wonderfully named HMS Unicorn is the lesser known of two famous ships found in Dundee. This one is Scotland's only surviving wooden warship, launched in 1824 as part of a programme to re-strengthen the Royal Navy after the Napoleonic Wars. The ship was, however, never used in anger, and instead became a training vessel with a roof rather than sails. Perhaps this is why the boat is so well preserved; there's still plenty to explore across four decks.

[HMS Unicorn]

📌 HMS Unicorn ★★★
Victoria Dock, 10-min walk east of City Square, Dundee, G.R.: NO 410304 ///
Open daily, April to October; Wednesday to Sunday, November to March | £6.55 adult / £3.15 child


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