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[Melville Doocot]

Lovingly restored by local heritage organisations, Melville Doocot is a prominent sight when approaching the Bow of Fife roundabout from the south or west. Doocots (or dovecots) were built by estate owners to keep nesting pigeons, which were then harvested for their eggs, meat and droppings. Reaching the highest nest boxes was often hazardous; here an interesting turntable ladder allowed relatively easy but airy access to all parts of the interior. The pivot still functions, though climbing the ladder probably isn't recommended. As for the exterior, the eagle-eyed might guess that Melville Doocot wasn't purpose built. In fact, its original, 18th century function was as a windmill for flour production, as the name of the cottage where you collect the key attests.

[Interior, with nest boxes and turntable ladder]

Location & info

📌 Melville Doocot ★★
By A91 1 mi west of Bow of Fife, immediately west of the A92 junction, G.R.: NO 303127 ///
Exterior: always open. Interior: access by key from Windmill Cottage opposite (cross road with care) | Free

💬 Space for a few cars to park on the side of the track immediately west of the doocot.

[Side view]

[Nest boxes]

[Doocot and mound]


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