Scottish Deer Centre

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[Red Deer at the Scottish Deer Centre]

Amidst the flatlands of Fife is The Scottish Deer Centre: an excellent year-round, all-age attraction with more to see than its name suggests. Yes, over a dozen species of deer occupy several large fields around the site, but the centre also specialises in birds of prey and Scottish carnivores: in the latter's case, including both those which can still be found in the wild and those which have become extinct nationally. Star species include reindeer, brown bear, elk, and lynx, all theoretically available to view from the edges of their large enclosures. Some of the species are a little reclusive (for example, the brown bears sleep inside for long hours during the winter months), but this is where the talks, displays and feedings come in handy; these are well worth attending and food is a reliable enticement for bringing the animals up close. Check times on the website before visiting.

[European Eagle Owl]

Location & info

📌 The Scottish Deer Centre ★★★★
By A91 half a mile east of Bow of Fife, G.R.: NO 329129 ///prices.routs.joys
Open daily | £9.50 adult / £6.50 child

[European Elk]

[Sika / Fallow Deer enclosure]

[Hog Deer]

[Sika Deer]

[European Elk below the Tree Top Walk]

[Père David's Deer]

[Père David's Deer]

[Sika / Fallow Deer enclosure]

[Sika / Fallow Deer enclosure]

[Sika / Fallow Deer enclosure]

[Red Deer]


[Hand feeding]

[Asian Otters]

[European Brown Bears]

[Scottish Wildcat]


[Northern Lynx]

[Red Fox]

[Flying demonstration]


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