St Paul's Cathedral (Dundee)

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[St Paul's Cathedral, Dundee]

Don't worry, we haven't suddenly started covering London on SOBT! Dundee has its own answer to the famous St Paul's, London - the Scottish one is part of the Episcopal church and much less striking. Built in the 1850s in Gothic style, the view from Main Street is dominated by the large tower which the entrance is directly underneath. Given the constricted location, you enter expecting the interior to be dark and gloomy, but clever lighting and whitewashed walls ensure the opposite is true. Historic artefacts and highlights? There probably are some, but we don't have any info about them. The location for the cathedral is Castle Rock: like its Edinburgh namesake, this is right in the city centre and volcanic in origin, though considerably less prominent. Dundee Castle, after which the rock is named, is sadly long gone, destroyed by Robert the Bruce in 1313.

[View from Main Street]

Location & info

📌 St Paul's Cathedral (Dundee) ★★
1 High Street, Dundee city centre, G.R.: NO 405303 ///sung.pack.foster
Usually open Tuesday to Friday plus Sundays, but check website | Free

[Looking up the aisle]



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