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[Ardestie Earth House]

This stone construction a mile north of Monifieth, Angus is a good example of a souterrain: 2000+ year-old underground passageways probably built for storing food items such as grain away from heat and light. Ardestie Earth House has lost its roof; on the bright side, this allows visitors to admire the quality of workmanship and the layout of the tunnels without having to crawl through them. The structure here comes with small, coetaneous buildings directly adjacent, with access to the souterrain from one of them. The larger Carlungie Earth House is a few miles east,

[Ardestie Earth House]

Location & info

📌 Ardestie Earth House
By B962 1 mi north of Monifieth, G.R.: NO 502344 ///pixies.singing.perfumed
Open April to October (all hours) | Free

[Ardestie Earth House]

[Path to the Earth House]


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