Coulter Motte

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[Coulter Motte]

There's a round mound by the side of the Clyde river at the easternmost point of its journey through Lanarkshire. Coulter Motte no longer has anything on top of it apart from grass, but about 800 years ago this was the site of a fortified residence (or motte castle), guarding the river crossing, and surrounded by a bailey on a lower level. Climbing the steep side takes about 10 seconds and exploring the top doesn't take much longer, but perhaps it's worth a look if you're visiting nearby Biggar.

[Coulter Motte]

Location & info

📌 Coulter Motte Hill
By minor road at Wolfclyde, 2 mi southwest of Biggar, G.R.: NT 089363 ///interlude.adventure.reset
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[Top of the motte]

[Coulter Motte]


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