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[Eyemouth Beach]

With a harbour at one end and the leisure centre and amusement arcades at the other, Eyemouth Beach separates Eyemouth's working part from its summertime trade. The sandy bay is best visited at low tide and comes served with all the trimmings of an urban beach: ice creams, cafe, chippy... and the village centre is only a stone's throw away. Hundreds of miniature bronze women and children gaze out to sea from the promenade, commemorating those lost - and left behind - by the "Black Friday" fishing disaster of 1881, when 189 fisherman from this stretch of coastline were killed in a terrible storm. Eyemouth was the village worst affected, but other sections of the sculpture can be found in neighbouring settlements.

[Black Friday sculpture]

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📌 Eyemouth Beach ★★
Marine Parade, Eyemouth village centre, G.R.: NT 945645 ///belts.pirate.cabs

[Eyemouth Beach]


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