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Eyemouth is a quiet, attractive, east coast village a few miles north of the English border, set astride the Eye Water. It has a working harbour (often with friendly seals) and new residential developments but also a thriving tourist trade - though the amusement arcades are kept at arm's length from the more attractive parts of town. The central museum might be a good choice on a rainy day, as is Gunsgreen House across the river. This resplendent mansion was built in 1753 for the local John Nisbet: successful merchant by day, notorious smuggler by night.


📌 Eyemouth ★★
Scottish Borders, G.R.: NT 945644 ///thinnest.vegetable.excellent

[Gunsgreen House]

Within walking distance

>> Eyemouth Beach ★★
>> Eyemouth Museum (not yet featured)
>> Gunsgreen House ★★★
>> Walk: Berwick Border Raid ★★★

[Eyemouth seen from the Berwickshire Coast Path]

["Black Friday" fishing disaster memorial]

[Eyemouth Beach]


[Eider in the harbour]

[Seal in the harbour]

[Willie Spears: leader of local fishermen's campaigns to end tithes to the church in the 1800s]

[The boat-shaped Eyemouth Maritime Centre - now closed]

[Amuseument arcades]


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