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[St Cuthbert's Church, Norham]

The Norman church of St Cuthbert's can be found within its extensive graveyard on the western outskirts of Norham village, a few hundred metres from the River Tweed (and the border with Scotland). The building dates from 1165 - built at the same time and by the same architect as nearby Norham Castle. The Scot John Balliol declared his loyalty to King Edward I of England from here in 1292, which later led Edward to appoint him King of Scotland despite competing claimants, including Robert the Bruce. In 1320 Robert the Bruce fortified the church and used it as a base from which to attack the castle; later still, the nave lost its roof, which was restored (rather unattractively) in 1619. Look out for the fine Norman carvings over the outside of some of the chancel windows. And St Cuthbert? His body was brought to Norham (to an earlier, nearby church) in 875 from Lindisfarne, which was being threatened by Danish invaders. He now rests in Durham Cathedral.

[St Cuthbert's Church]

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📌 St Cuthbert's Church (Norham) ★★
Church Lane, west side of Norham village, G.R.: NT 897474 ///form.visits.prominent
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[St Cuthbert's Church]

[St Cuthbert's Church]

[St Cuthbert's Church]


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