Walk: Berwick Border Raid

Northumberland / Scottish Borders | Berwick-upon-Tweed | Full day walk | ★★★

[Cliffs north of Burnmouth]

The lengthy stretch of coast path between Berwick-upon-Tweed (England) and Eyemouth (Scotland) has plenty to see, on either side of the border. Impressive sea cliffs, stacks and caves, sandy beaches, and the opportunity to view plenty of interesting wildlife depending on season, ranging from seabirds and seals to English people. The settlements at the start and finish are fascinating places too, with the scattered fishing village of Burnmouth adding further interest midway. The East Coast main line is a constant companion on the middle stretch, but the thunder of occasional trains is more of an interruption than an irritation. This is a linear route: walk from south to north to ensure any sunshine is on your back rather than in your face, and check bus times online in advance.

[Coastline north of Fisherman's Haven]

📌 Walk: Berwick Border Raid ★★★
Park at the finish and take the bus along the coast road to the start (several times daily, but check times in advance). Start at Golden Square, Berwick-upon-Tweed town centre, G.R.: NT 997530 ///start.arena.other. Finish at car park on High Street / B6355, Eyemouth village centre, G.R.: NT 944645 ///necks.atlas.cheat

▶ 19 km / 12 mi | ▲ 320 m | ⌚ Full day | Moderate
Features: Berwick-upon-Tweed ★★★ & town sights; Fisherman's Haven ★★; Burnmouth ★★; Eyemouth ★★ & village sights
Terrain: Mostly clear paths, sometimes rough, narrow or close to cliff edges.

Route & map

Start & Berwick-upon-Tweed - Berwick pier via town ramparts - Fisherman's Haven - Marshall Meadows Bay - Cowdrait - Burnmouth & harbour - Burnmouth Hill - Eyemouth harbour (northeast end) - Eyemouth & village sights

Route credit: Berwickshire Coast Path
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On our visit

Wildlife: Variety of birds on the water and starting to nest on the cliffs in small numbers: seagulls, kittiwakes, fulmars, shags, razorbills, rock doves, oystercatchers, waders, swans, eiders & other ducks. Roe deer above Burnmouth, goats in field, sheep & lambs. Seal in Eyemouth harbour.
Weather: Mostly sunny with some cloud banks. 5°C at start with a chilly easterly wind; warming up by a few degrees.

Chronological photo guide


[Berwick Bridge]

[Bridges old & new]

[Following the town ramparts towards the pier]

[Sandstell Point from Berwick pier]

[Looking back to Berwick pier]

[Coastguard tower]

[Fisherman's Haven]

[Cliffs, caves and sea stacks north of Fisherman's Haven]

[Nesting razorbills]

[Nesting seabirds]

[The East Coast railway line is a constant companion for the middle part of the walk]

[Approaching the caravan park at Marshall Meadows]

[Leaving England]

[Entering Scotland]


[Coast path and railway]

[Coast path and railway]

[Abandoned building]

[Farmland section near Lamberton Holdings]

[Roe deer above Cowdrait, Burnmouth]

[Burnmouth harbour]

[Lower Burnmouth from above]

[Cliffs north of Burnmouth]

[Approaching Eyemouth]

[View south over Blaikie Heugh]

[Eyemouth harbour]


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