Walk: Crombie Circular - an Angus amble

Angus | Monikie | Short walk | ★★★

[Crombie Reservoir]

Crombie Country Park is an attractive area of woodland and water a short drive northeast of Dundee. The spindly liquid body at its heart is a reservoir - created by flooding an old quarry and once providing a water source for nearby settlements - but its manmade origins don't take anything away from the beauty of the place. Wide paths encircle the reservoir making this a route suitable for most abilities, though the main route often keeps a fair distance from the shoreline; divert onto the narrower, informal trods to get better glimpses of the water and its diverse birdlife.

[Geese and goslings]

📌 Walk: Crombie Circular - an Angus amble ★★★
Start / finish at Crombie Country Park main car park, off B961 3 mi east of Monikie, G.R.: NO 529402 ///pile.scored.loaf

▶ 4 km / 2 mi | ▲ 20 m | ⌚ Short | Easy
Features: Crombie Country Park; Crombie Reservoir
Terrain: Wide, fairly level paths - narrower, rougher options in parts to get closer to the shoreline.

Route & map

Circuit of Crombie Reservoir in either direction (here described anticlockwise)

Route credit: Crombie Country Park
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On our visit

Wildlife: Swans, geese and goslings, tufted ducks, teal, mallards, moorhens, coots, grey herons, small woodland birds.
Weather: Sunny, light breeze, temperatures in mid teens.

Chronological photo guide

[Crombie Reservoir]

[Crombie Reservoir]

[Woodland path]

[Narrower branch paths let you get closer to the shoreline]

[Woodland path]

[Western end of the reservoir]

[Western end of the reservoir]


[Shoreline path]


[Geese & goslings]


[Crombie Reservoir from one of the south bank hides]

[Path along the southern shore]

[Approaching the reservoir outflow near the end of the circuit]


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