Coldingham Priory

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[Coldingham Priory]

At the centre of an attractive, slumbersome Borders village, Coldingham Priory looks like quite a plain building from some angles - perhaps unusually so. But wander around its sides and through the adjacent graveyard and you begin to appreciate that there's more to it than meets the eye. A much grander priory once stood here, built in 1216 to replace a destroyed, earlier incarnation. The grandeur wasn't to last however, with fires, invading armies and the Reformation reducing the site to a shadow of its former self by 1650. The choir was soon resurrected as the parish church you can see (and if you time your visit carefully, enter) today; the interior has one extremely ornate wall and one particularly plain one. And the larger priory? Its footprint is still visible through old stonework and signposts around the grounds.

[Arch marking part of the priory's older footprint]

📌 Coldingham Priory ★★
Location: Off Bridge Street (A1107), Coldingham village centre, G.R.: NT 904659 ///travel.clotting.sake
Open (2019): Exterior: always. Interior: possibly Wednesday afternoons, May to September, plus Sunday afternoons, July to August
Cost: Free

[Coldingham village centre]

[Coldingham Priory]


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