Walk: South from St Abbs

Scottish Borders | St Abbs | Half day walk | ★★★

[Linkim Shore]

The coastline south of St Abbs isn't quite as absorbing as the famous cliffs to the north, but still makes for an enjoyable, popular half day walk to Eyemouth, 4 miles distant. The Berwickshire Coast Path leads past the sands and surfing hotspot of Coldingham Bay before taking on an increasingly rugged coastline pockmarked with rocky coves and hidden-away streams. An ugly caravan park heralds the arrival at Eyemouth: another fascinating fishing village with plenty to see, described on our separate feature page. Return the same way - doubling the distance published below - or hop on the infrequent bus service, after checking timetables in advance of your trip.

[St Abbs, the start of the walk]

📌 Walk: South from St Abbs ★★★
Park at the finish and take the bus to the start (several times daily, but check times in advance). Start at the Old School, St Abbs Road (B6438), St Abbs village centre, G.R.: NT 918674 ///chats.following.spoil. Finish at car park on High Street (B6355), Eyemouth village centre, G.R.: NT 944645 ///necks.atlas.cheat

▶ 6 km / 4 mi | ▲ 140 m | ⌚ Half a day | Easy
Features: St Abbs Visitor Centre ; St Abbs ★★; Coldingham Bay ★★★; Eyemouth Beach ★★; Eyemouth ★★ & village sights
Terrain: Clear footpaths but with a reasonable amount of up and down.

Route & map

Start & St Abbs Visitor Centre - St Abbs - Coldingham Bay - Eyemouth Beach via coast path - Eyemouth

Route credit: Berwickshire Coast Path
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On our visit

Wildlife: Seagulls eating discarded fish heads at St Abbs harbour; a few other seabirds.
Weather: Extensive sunshine, temperature in high teens, light winds.

Chronological photo guide

[St Abbs]

[Coldingham Bay]

[Coldingham Bay]

[Milldown Burn]

[Milldown Point]

[Yellow Craig Head]

[Linkim Shore]

[Fleur's Dean]

[Fleur's Dean]

[View back to Linkim Shore]

[Killiedraught Bay]

[Killiedraught Bay]

[Hairy Ness]

[Approaching Eyemouth]


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