Carter Bar (A68)

Northumberland / Scottish Borders | Byrness | Road pass | ★★

[Scottish Border]

Welcome to Scotland! Of the three or four major roads across the border from England, Carter Bar has the highest - and probably most attractive - crossing point into the bonnie north. Sure, there are many better driving roads around the country, but the A68 as a whole is fast, scenic and usually relatively quiet, making a good alternative to the busier A1 along the east coast. A steep final climb out of Redesdale heralds the arrival at the summit of the pass and also the border; halt at the layby for an obligatory photo and to find out about the local Border Reivers. Continuing north, the descent into Scotland is characterised by three, 180º hairpin bends, while the eventual, sudden arrival at Jedburgh (with its magnificent abbey visible from the road) is the perfect way to properly kick off a Scotland tour.

[Northbound: three sharp hairpins characterise the descent into Scotland]

Location & info

📌 Carter Bar (A68) ★★
Anglo-Scottish border between Byrness and Jedburgh. Summit at G.R.: NT 698068 ///else.already.unclaimed. South end at Byrness, G.R.: NT 764028 ///raced.taller.admires. North end at Camptown, G.R.: NT 680134 ///estimate.screaming.dashes

▶ 16 km / 10 mi | ▲ 280 m
Surfaced A-road, suitable for all vehicles
Almost always open; snow may very occasionally close the pass | Free

[View north into Scotland from the border]

[Northbound: passing through Redesdale on the English side]

[Northbound: start of the proper climb towards Scotland]

[A68 at the border, looking north]

[Welcome to the Scottish Borders]

[Northbound: descent towards the Jed Water]

[English border]


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