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[Clan Macpherson Museum]

The Highland Folk Museum is by far the best known tourist attraction in Newtonmore, but the village also has a second museum right on the Main Street. The Clan Macpherson Museum gives a comprehensive overview (and a glowing one by all accounts) of the family which has been local to this part of the Highlands - the Badenoch district - for several centuries. Their motto, "touch not the cat, not a glove", has led to Newtonmore's association with Scottish wildcats and the successful wildcat sculpture project which is visible everywhere around the village. The museum is the oldest clan museum in Scotland and now spreads fairly widely; numbered panels guide you around, starting with a film overview. Especially of interest for Macphersons - or for others on a rainy day.

[Clan Macpherson Musuem (24/6/19)]

Location & info

📌 Clan Macpherson Museum ★★
At A86 / B9150 road fork, Main Street, Newtonmore village centre, G.R.: NN 713989 ///elevates.arrival.skinny
Open daily, April to October | Free

[The Black Chanter (24/6/19)]

[Clan Macpherson Museum (24/6/19)]

[Clan Macpherson Museum (24/6/19)]

[Clan motto (24/6/19)]


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