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[Kelso Square]

Kelso, Scotland - or should that Kelso, Europe? This spacious Borders town on the River Tweed has a decidedly continental air thanks to Scotland's largest market square, surrounded by Georgian and Victorian architecture. The settlement grew up around Kelso Abbey - both town and church were repeatedly attacked by English armies over the centuries, but the former managed to retain its status as an important burgh and market. This was in marked contrast to its poor sister town Roxburgh on the opposite river bank, which declined almost to nothing following the destruction of its castle. The Tweed itself is famous for its salmon yields, no more so than at the Junction Pool; this is found at the confluence of the rivers Tweed and Teviot, immediately west of the town centre. The fishing beats are overlooked by the turrets and battlements of Floors Castle: Scotland's largest inhabited mansion, well worth visiting.

[Town Hall]

📌 Kelso ★★★
Scottish Borders, G.R.: NT 728339 ///trout.seabirds.prove

[Junction Pool, where the rivers Tweed and Teviot meet]

Within walking distance

>> Kelso Abbey ★★★

[Kelso Abbey]


>> Floors Castle ★★★★ (1 mile away)
>> Teviot Smokery Water Gardens ★★ (5 miles away)

[Floors Castle]

[Teviot Smokery Water Gardens]

[Kelso Square]

[Cross Keys Hotel]

[St Andrew's Episcopal Church]

[St Andrew's Episcopal Church]

[Abbey Court]

[Kelso Bridge]

[Juvenile fish at the Junction Pool]


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