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The old staging post and county town of Kinross-shire spreads across flat ground a short distance from the watery expanse of Loch Leven, separated from the loch by the grounds of Kinross House. The settlement's focal point around a reddish clock tower (part of the former town hall) has benefited from a recent spruce up, but wildfowl far outnumber the human population and most visitors will be heading for the water's edge. We've listed the local sights below: the highlight must be the island stronghold of Lochleven Castle, where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned for a year from June 1567. Boats to the island depart from the jetty in Kirkgate Park.

[Lochleven Castle]

Location & info

📌 Kinross
Perth & Kinross, G.R.: NO 119021 ///brink.stood.upwards

🚶 The loch is a conveniently short walk from the main street, from where you can get the boat out to Lochleven Castle. Our walk around the loch also passes by, or close to, several other local attractions (allow a full day).
🚌 Long distance coaches from most other Scottish cities stop on the edge of town; there are also local bus routes.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Lochleven Castle ★★★
>> Loch Leven ★★
>> Walk: Eggsploring Loch Leven ★★

Nearby (1-5 mi away)

>> Burleigh Castle ★★ (2 mi ↑)
>> RSPB Loch Leven ★★ (3 mi →)
>> Scotlandwell Wash House and Well ★★ (4 mi →)
>> Walk: Benarty Hill - surprise view from the Sleeping Giant ★★★★ (4 mi ↓)
>> Walk: The Bishop of Loch Leven ★★★ (4 mi →)
>> Mary Colliery (5 mi ↓)
>> Walk: A fine Fife stroll at Loch Ore ★★★ (5 mi ↓)

[Loch Leven from one of the lochside bird hides (11/11/17)]

[Burleigh Castle (4/4/15)]

[RSPB Loch Leven (11/11/17)]

[Scotlandwell Wash House & Well (29/10/18)]

[Loch Leven from Bishop Hill (22/10/17)]




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