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The old staging post and county town of Kinross-shire spreads across flat ground a short distance from the watery expanse of Loch Leven, separated from the loch by the grounds of Kinross House. The settlement's focal point around a reddish clock tower (part of the former town hall) has benefited from a recent spruce up, but wildfowl far outnumber the human population and most visitors will be heading for the water's edge. We've listed the local sights below: the highlight must be the island stronghold of Lochleven Castle, where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned for a year from June 1567. Boats to the island depart from the jetty in Kirkgate Park.

[Loch Leven from one of the lochside bird hides (11/11/17)]

📌 Kinross
Perth & Kinross, G.R.: NO 119021 ///brink.stood.upwards

[Lochleven Castle]

Within walking distance

>> Lochleven Castle ★★★
>> Loch Leven ★★
>> Walk: Eggsploring Loch Leven ★★

[Burleigh Castle (4/4/15)]


>> Burleigh Castle ★★ (2 miles away)
>> RSPB Loch Leven ★★ (3 miles away)
>> Scotlandwell Wash House and Well ★★ (4 miles away)
>> Walk: The Bishop of Loch Leven ★★★ (4 miles away)

[RSPB Loch Leven (11/11/17)]

[Scotlandwell Wash House & Well (29/10/18)]

[Loch Leven from Bishop Hill (22/10/17)]




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