Lindores Abbey Distillery

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[Lindores Abbey Distillery from the grounds of Lindores Abbey]

We always find the history around a whisky distillery at least as interesting as the whisky itself, and nowhere more so than at Lindores Abbey Distillery. There's no location more fitting for producing the water of life than directly opposite Lindores Abbey, where the first Scottish reference to whisky was made in 1494; as whisky writer Michael Jackson (no relation) apparently said: "For the whisky lover, it is a pilgrimage" - though for the uninitiated, the highish tour price might be a disincentive. The finished product isn't yet available, as perhaps surprisingly, distilling only began in late 2017 within a broad, low range of buildings beautifully converted from an old steading. Tours usually begin with an explanation of the area's ancient connections to whisky, followed by a trip around the production areas, and finishing with drams of botanical spirit using ingredients inspired by the monks' original recipes. The glass-fronted still house fittingly overlooks the abbey ruins.

[Casks in the warehouse]

Location & info

📌 Lindores Abbey Distillery ★★★★
Abbey Road, half a mile east of Newburgh town centre, G.R.: NO 243184 ///bitter.propelled.future
Generally open daily (booking advised) | £12.50

[Lindores Abbey Distillery]

[Still House, with a view of the abbey]

[Still House]

[Mash Tun]


[Entrance hall]



[Lindores Abbey Distillery]


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