Loch Leven

Perth & Kinross | Kinross | Freshwater loch | ★★

[Loch Leven from Lochleven Castle]

Loch Leven is the circular sheet of water next to the town of Kinross in the eastern part of of central Scotland, visible from the M90 motorway between Edinburgh and Perth. With an average depth of less than 5 metres it's one of the country's shallowest major lochs, though it used to be deeper and larger before its partial draining in the 1800s. Anyway, with the boring statistics sorted, let's focus on the wildlife. Tens of thousands of birds migrate to the loch every winter, including numerous species of goose, duck and swan - keep an eye out from local trails or RSPB Loch Leven. The area periodically features on Scottish news platforms for its swarms of flying insects which undergo population explosions for short periods during springtime; these are an important food source for the birds and fish, but may be less welcome if you're walking around the loch. A scattering of islets include Castle Island, the second largest and housing the romantic ruin of Lochleven Castle.

[View from Benarty Hill (15/12/14)]

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📌 Loch Leven ★★
Perth & Kinross, G.R.: NO 147013 ///perch.firm.harmony

[View from one of the bird hides near Kinross (11/11/17)]

[View from the south side of the loch, Bishop Hill beyond (11/11/17)]

[View from Kinross pier (11/11/17)]

[View from RSPB Loch Leven (11/11/17)]

[Lochleven Castle, Castle Island]

[View from Bishop Hill (22/10/17)]


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