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"Drinking has been raised to a high art form in Scotland," asserts a display within Fort William's West Highland Museum, conveniently located on the town's High Street. As well as being easy to reach, it's also one of the Highlands' oldest museums, having been establised in 1922. Exhibits across the two floors mainly focus on the military history of the region - understandable given the town's beginnings as a garrison - from 1700s Jacobite uprisings to the Commandos who trained locally during World War II. Admission is free (with donations welcome), and we can imagine the museum fills up pretty quickly on bad weather days.

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📌 West Highland Museum ★★
Cameron Square, Fort William town centre, G.R.: NN 102739 ///bonnet.cake.goose
Open daily, July & August; Monday to Saturday, September to June | Free

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