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Dunvegan Castle

Skye | Dunvegan | Castle | ★★★★ [Dunvegan Castle] Excluding Skye's long list of natural sites, Dunvegan Castle is the big name tourist attraction on the island. The rather austere residence is still the MacLeod clan seat and occupies a wonderful position on Loch Dunvegan on the west side of Skye. This is a surprisingly long drive of well over an hour from the Skye Bridge, mainland Scotland or even southern Skye, so study travel times carefully before a visit here. The tour of the opulent interior is extensive (going some way to justifying the ticket price) and photography is happily permitted; highlights for us included the bright library, comfortable drawing room and unexpected pit dungeon. Parts of the castle date to the 13th century but most of the building is much newer - with major remodelling in the 1800s - and there are some fascinating passageways, pits and chambers where different building periods don't quite link up smoothly. Also look out for the tattered but

Walk: Tidal traverse to Skye's Oronsay

Skye | Oronsay | Half day walk | ★★★ [MacLeod's Tables from the causeway's tiny beach] The raucous chatter of birds, the whistle of the wind, crashing waves on the shingle causeway: Oronsay can be a noisy place. One thing it's reliably free of, however, is high season crowds, unlike the Isle of Skye to which this tidal island is intermittently attached. A tour of the coastline reveals an impressive inventory of precipitous cliffs, hidden caves, rock-cut platforms and rock pools teeming with marine life - all packed into a circumference of less than two miles. Pity the path on the mainland side is such a boggy one. [Oronsay's dramatic western cliffs] đź“Ś Walk: Tidal traverse to Skye's Oronsay ★★★ Start / finish at car park at minor road end, Ullinish, Skye, G.R.: NG 323374 ///husky.juicy.grandest ▶ 5 km / 3 mi | ▲ 160 m | ⌚ Half a day | ⬤ Moderate Features: Oronsay coastline; △ Oronsay summit (74 m) Terrain: Boggy path to the causeway; faint, in