RSPB Balranald & beach

North Uist | Balranald | Beach & nature reserve | ★★★

[Balranald Beach]

The far western corner of North Uist is quite a bustling place: a bonnie beach, nature reserve and caravan site (with useful food van in summer) huddle together at Balranald. The star summertime species at RSPB Balranald is the corncrake. This secretive, brownish bird is very rare indeed on the UK mainland, but thrives on the Scottish islands; its distinctive, rasping call means you've a good chance of hearing one in the fields around the tiny visitor centre. Paths around the inland part of the reserve are few; instead, head to the shoreline to take in the sand, sea and sun (maybe).

[Visitor centre at RSPB Balranald]

Location & info

📌 Balranald Beach ★★★
RSPB Balranald (park at visitor centre), North Uist, G.R.: NF 702706 ///flap.invoices.splendid

📌 RSPB Balranald
Visitor centre is by minor road end 1 mi west of A865, Balranald, North Uist, G.R.: NF 706707 ///visitors.owned.button
Always open | Free

[Balranald Beach]


[Visitor centre]

[Looking inland into the nature reserve]


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